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Exclusive Services


Illustrate Records provides a variety of services that help elevate an artist in every aspect of their career. From music production, marketing, and artist development, to bookings for shows.


Music Production

Illustrate Records offers mixing and mastering sessions for artists who seek to create new projects. If requested, sessions on how to mix and master can be arranged. 


Music Marketing

Having trouble getting exposure for your latest project? Illustrate Records can market your music for you and/or teach you how to better market yourself with various promotional tools. These tools can create artist growth on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and various other musical platforms.  


Artist Development

We all start somewhere. Why not have a helping hand? Illustrate Records can teach new artists song structure, cadences, flows, and rhyme schemes to improve the quality of their music. Artist development also includes helping an artist find their identity and style beyond music. Fashion, social presence, and personality play a big part in artist development.   



Want to rock major stages? Illustrate Records can help. Our connections can give you placements on the same lineups as celebrities. From Musiq Soulchild to Juvenile, we can find the right stages for your sound. 

Illustrate Through the Hate

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