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"We chose to paint a picture, to serve as an example of how to conduct business.

We choose to illustrate through the hate"

- Defiant Darius -

The Mic represents our voice. 
 The Paintbrush represents the numerous creative outets for your voice to be heard.

 Illustrate records was inspired by the urge to create a space where artists who are dedicated to their craft can find a team to help them achieve their goals.


Defiant Darius, the founder, is a recording artist, actor, activist and veteran. It was apart of his goal to provide motivation in all aspects of the creative process while committing to reaching out to the community. Music is only the beginning. As our company continues to grow films, television shows, art exhibits, charity events ,and various other forms of inspiration will soon follow.

    We as a company have a solid work ethic and openness to all forms of creativity while maintaining quality products for all to enjoy.

The Fist represents the people whose voice must be used to help

Illustrate Through the Hate

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